Beautiful Landscape Designs in St. Louis

When it comes to home design, the yard is often overlooked.  However, the outdoor space should be more highly considered because it is a natural expansion of the living spaces around the home.  With the right landscape design St Louis expert, it can be transformed into a bliss haven of beauty and tranquility.

With design knowledge and detailed planning, the yard can escape the fate of looking haphazard and unattractively random.  A professionally designed yard will be cohesive and filled with plants that will not require pricey pest treatments and constant pruning.

Professionals have design ideas that can skillfully incorporate gorgeous garden designs, perfectly paved pathways and magnificently manicure lawns into the various outdoor spaces.  This will effortlessly add to curb appeal of the home and boost the overall property value.  

The yard can be made up of beautiful spaces that will offer incredible views from inside the home.  These spaces can also be set up to carry out functions that will positively impact the lives of household members and their guest.  In fact, the possibilities are limitless when it comes to providing functional areas around the yard and expanding the living space.

Determining the best way to use the available space is essential to having a beautiful and functional outdoor space, which will satisfy the needs of homeowners and their family.  For example, individuals who like gardening and growing their own organic vegetables could incorporate a vegetable garden into the design.  

Nature lovers could go for colorful flower beds that highlight the beauty of nature and attract butterflies and birds.  Having a sitting area nearby would give users a place to relax and bask in the beauty that only nature can provide.  It could also be a good place to relax with a good book after a long, hard day of work or school.

Households with active children and adults can consider a swimming pool or basketball court, if the space allows.  A swing set or an area dedicated to playing children can be considered as well.  Transforming the yard into a hub of physical activities is a good way to spend time with family and friends, while staying active.  
Ultimately, good landscaping ideas should take the needs of the family into consideration, while adding the value of the property.  As such, the design choices should not be too specific.  The space should be able to appeal to a wide cross-section of buyers, if placed on the market in the future  A more universal appeal will sell the house faster.  Visit us here for more information.

Landscape design ideas that are carefully planned and precisely executed will greatly complement the design and architectural details of the home.  In addition, the value of the property and the curb appeal can be significantly improved through the incorporation of the right flowers, shrubbery, trees, grasses and other plants.

Using foliage is a remarkable way of adding texture, color and fragrance to the outdoors.  This will make the space more inviting and create a welcoming environment for everyone who enters.