Who Was Dr. Simeons?

You may be wondering how a doctor who practiced over fifty years ago could have contributed something that is benefiting many people today.  The contributions made by Dr. Simeons are quite wonderful, and they can benefit you, too.

Who Was The Doctor, And What Did He Do?  

Dr. Albert Theodore William Simeons was a British physician who lived between 1900-1970.  As an endocrinologist, he saw many patients who suffered from obesity.  While using HCG to treat patients with low testosterone, he noticed the patients lost weight and lost belly fat.  He decided to test HCG as a weight loss product.

His studies with HCG took approximately ten years.  While experimenting, he found HCG was most effective when it was used with certain foods.  The doctor concluded his experiments by proving that the food plan he developed and HCG combined could help both men and women lose a large amount of weight.

After success with his own patients, Dr. Simeons published "Pounds and Inches, a New Approach to Obesity."  It is still available today, for anyone who is interested in HCG, the diet protocol, and the doctor's work.  You can read everything you want to know about this amazing doctor and his exciting approach to healthy weight loss.

Dr. Simeons And Dieting Today 

In some cases, an old-fashioned approach is still the best.  This statement is definitely accurate when you are considering this British physician and his diet plan.

You will have no problem finding the foods listed in the diet protocol.  They are basic foods you can find in any grocery store.  While you have the option of creating many delicious recipes, there are no difficulties or gimmicks involved.  The doctor knew simple, natural food is the healthiest and the most effective.

One way HCG dieting is easier today is you do not need HCG injections unless that is what you prefer.  Dieters today find it much simpler to use HCG diet drops.  By placing the drops under your tongue at the recommended times, it is a painless, convenient option.

Like his obese patients in the past, weight loss is rapid, effective, and permanent.  If you continue your healthy eating habits, you do not have to ever regain the pounds you lost.  This is only one of the many reasons HCG is ideal.  You do not have to suffer from side effects, nor will dieting interfere with your daily life. Click here for current diet news.

If you think about it, many diets are fads.  They are popular for awhile, and then never heard of again.  This is because they do not deliver what they promise, are difficult to follow, and some can even result in health problems.

None of this is true for HCG.  While you may not know anyone who has tried HCG, everyone in your life will want to know how you lost so much weight and why you look so healthy.  You may want to let them in on the secret, although it is not a secret at all.  You can tell everyone the secret to your weight loss is the HCG diet developed by Dr. Simeons.